Alternative Investment Reviews

Investor Compass is an internet-based social investment community for private investors that aims to maximize profit and minimize risk for alternative investments. Users rate investments they have made and the brokers they have used, giving guidance where to and where not to invest.

Using statistical data from member input, Investor Compass would provide services for the following types of situations (among others):

  • If an investor would like to find the structured product with the highest ROI and the best broker for this type of investment
  • If an investor would like to buy an overseas property but does not know trustworthy brokers selling in the area of interest
  • If a potential investor would like to get in contact with an investor who already has invested with a particular broker

By joining Investor Compass you also gain access to alternative investment reviews:
       • Find safe alternative investments (according to peers)
       • Find recommendations of what alternative investment broker to use
       • Read about specific topics such as forex robot reviews, peer-to-peer lending reviews and overseas investment reviews